asthma  home remediesAsthma is one of the chronic lung problem in which you can experience inflammation of the bronchi or airways, distresses the way air penetrates and leaves the lungs, upsetting breathing. Asthma is the Greek word which means “panting or short drawn breathe”. This problem is the most upsetting respiratory disorders. People who are suffering from asthma have additional sensitive or hyper reactive airways.  The airways respond by tightening or blocking when they become aggravated and this makes hard for air to pass in and out. In this article we will discuss more about asthma and also suggest you some effective home remedies to deal with this chronic disorder.

Causes of Asthma:

The main reason of causing asthma are weather conditions, allergy, inflammation in the respiratory organs, food, perfumes, drugs, choked lungs and blockage in nostrils, lack of exercises, genetic factors, occupational exposure and dietary changes as well.

Symptoms of Asthma:

The main signs of asthma are chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, thick mucus formation and breathing with sound of whistling.

Home Remedies For Asthma:

In the following lines we will suggest you some beneficial home preparation which helps you in treating asthma.

The most effective and simple way to deal with asthma is garlic. Add garlic cloves in milk and boiled this milk for some time and consume it. This helps you in curing asthma.

You can also give proper massage over the back of the chest with mustard oil and also add some camphor. This is one of the great remedy to treat asthma.

Take some radish, lemon juice and honey and churn them with the help of blender. Now cook this combination in a small wok on less heat. Have one tablespoon of mixture in the morning on regular basis. This is also very beneficial remedy to treat asthma.

Honey is also very advantageous for treating asthma. Take a jug of honey and put under the nose and start breathing, at the time of asthma attack. You can also add honey in water and consume it many times a day. This is one of the very good ways to deal with asthma.

You can also consume a glass of milk by adding turmeric powder many times a day. It is very effective if you consume it on an empty stomach. This is very good home remedy to treat asthma.

Prepare a combination by adding olive oil, milk, garlic cloves and honey and heat. Consume this combination on regular basis. This combination is very profitable in curing asthma.

You can also chew fennel, it helps you to exorcise infected mucous from the chest and also very beneficial in curing asthma.

Take some fenugreek seeds and boil in water until it left one-third. Now add ginger juice and honey and consume it. This is one of the best remedy to deal with asthma.

It is also very essential to stay away from buttermilk and curd as they are not easily digestible and also involve lot of liquids in your diet.