Boils are described as a skin abscess and it is a localised illness that is acutely seated under the skin. It starts as a reddened normally and gentle area. Ultimately, the area will become hard and firm. Slowly, middle of that abscess will soften and packed with infection. The infection will brawl with white blood cells that the body transmits through bloodstream to eliminate the infection. The gathering of those white blood cells, proteins and dead bacteria is communally called as pus. Boils are of many types such as Hidradentitis suppurative, pilondial cyst, Cystic acne and Furuncle or Carbuncle. In this article we will talk about boils causes and symptoms and also how to deal with it through home remedies.

Causes of Boils:

Boils mainly happened due to the bacteria named as Staphylococcus or Staph. Staph infections mainly develop in abscesses. These bacteria can be occur on normal skin and penetrates the body through small cracks in the skin or through the hair to the follicle. There are some certain health arrays make people more vulnerable to boils such as issues with the immune system, diabetes, exposure to harsh chemicals that distress the skin, poor nutrition and poor hygiene.

Symptoms of Boils:

This skin abscesses begin as a red, hard and painful lump normally less than one inch in size and after few days, the lump turned into larger, more painful and softer. Soon a pouch of pus forms on the apex of the boil. There are many other signs of boils are skin become swollen, red, painful, fever and swollen of lymph nodes.

Home Remedies for Boils:

The most effective and easiest way to treat boils is to apply the juice of garlic or onion on the infected area. This helps you in removing the pus.

You can also make use of milk cream in curing boils packed with blood. It is one of the most profitable home remedy for boils. Add vinegar and turmeric powder in milk cream and mix it well and apply this paste on the boils.

You can also have the glass of bitter gourd juice by adding lime juice to it. You have to take this juice on an empty stomach for about 2 months. This helps you in curing boils that are packed with blood.

There are various herbs that you can utilize for curing boils such as garlic, betel leaves, neem leaves, onion and turmeric. You can also take these herbs in pills forms as well or directly applied on the infected area. You can also make use of cumin seeds in treating boils. Grind some cumin seeds by adding water and prepare a paste of it and apply on the boils. This is very good home remedy to cure boils.

You can also utilize the parsley, it is also very effective and beneficial home preparation to heal boils. Boiled the parsley till it become juicy and soft and then covered with linen or muslin cloth, when it is bearable and then apply on the boils prepared as a bandage.