HeartHeart plays a main function in the body. Heart is an organ which is chief for delivering the body with oxygenated blood. The heart is positioned in the left side of chest cavity involving the lungs. Any kind of shortage in the working of heart can be reason of various health evils such as coronary heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, cardiomyopathy and angina pectoris. Coronary heart diseases can be disturbed by the obstruction in the blood vessels of the heart; it can also affect the heart attack. Arteriosclerosis can be affected the clotting of the walls of the arteries and it is also cause the improper flow of blood circulation. Cardiomyopathy can be affected by the declining of the heart muscle. And angina pectoris can be caused because of the ache in the chest which outcomes the hardening of the arteries. Heart difficulty is also results by the surplus use of alcohol and smoking, high blood pressure, cholesterol and also diabetes. The list of some effective home preparations that helps you to maintains the healthy heart are as following

Lemon is very helpful for heart as well as any health troubles. Take lemon juice each day it aids to lessen the intensity of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

Honey is also believed to the outstanding preparation for heart care. Drink lemon juice by adding honey before gets into the bed. This would help you to uphold the healthy heart.

Fresh grape fruit is also very valuable for the heart diseases.

Intakes of holy basil juice by adding honey on an empty stomach on usual basis. This is one of the easiest remedy for heart diseases.

Raise the quantity of vitamin E, if you are suffering from heart issues as it aids to recover the oxygenated of the cells. It also helps to keep away from the heart attack and strokes.

Stay away from or eradicate smoking and alcohols as they are very hazardous for heart and also have the risk of heart attack.

Stay away from the excess usage of salt in your diets. It is vital to have usual check up and also manage the blood pressure and diabetes.

You can also add the 2 pieces of garlic in the milk and boil it for sometimes. It is also helps to maintain the healthy heart.