Harvard scientist urges you to stop drinking milkEveryone thinks that raw milk offers several health benefits but recently, a Harvard researcher and pediatrician gave a statement that conventional milk and dairy products are pernicious to our health. This is all because of the health-compromising sweeteners in it.

A Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics contains a research paper of David Ludwid in which the bad effects of sweetened beverages are explained. Some of the major side effects of the over-consumption of these beverages are diabetes, inflammatory pain in different body parts, increase in body weight. This is because of these ill-effects that the United States Department of Agriculture, the American Academy of Pediatrics is against the intake of such sugary drinks.

When any organization recommends to take three cups of toned milk with one calorie only than also Ludwid questions them for the rationale behind this statement.

In the past half century, the above given recommendation was the most widespread advice that was given to the Americans. In response, they consume billions of gallon milk in a year with a belief that their bones will become much stronger by doing so.

says Ludwig.
Further David Ludwig says that

When USDA makes recommendations for the intake of less fat milk than unintentionally, they are supporting the intake of added sugars as well.

This is against all the research in which the consumption of sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages are not recommended. So it invalidates the reasoning given to the consumption of tone milk as the fats are just getting replaced by precarious sugars.
This situation even becomes worse when you give skimmed chocolate milk to your kids thrice in a day. While the reality is that plenty of calcium can be obtained by other range of foods like cooked kale, sardines, nuts, beans and other green leafy vegetables. So why to give chocolate flavored milk to your kids.

Low-fat Dairy and Other Dangers of Milk (Case still continued)

It is true that the Harvard researcher holds a proposition in his statements but still the argument for full fat vs reduced-fat milk and dairy products continued.

There are plethora of rationale behind to withdraw the consumption of some specific types of fats like trans fat and refined polyunsatured fats in vegetable oils present in soy,corn,sunflower and canola but moderate consumption of saturated fats like those present in coconut oil,grass-fed animals and milk is necessary.This research has come across when a 2010 analysis which was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that “there is no proof for the information that says that the dietary saturated fat is linked with increase in the cardiovascular or coronary heart diseases.

But still ,you can get the several benefits of full-fat dairy products by taking them in raw or organic form.Full-fat dairy products promotes heart health,prevents diabetes and helps is the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.It also aids in weight loss and lowers the risk of bowel cancer.Pure dairy products will prove beneficial for your health and on the other hand,conventional dairy products may damage your well being.

So,before consuming any dairy product you need to educate yourself about what is present in the dairy product as there could be around several painkillers,anti-biotics and other substances present in your milk.