hair lossHairs are the most alluring part of once personality, so it is very essential to maintain the proper texture and moisture in the hair. Hair loss is one of the main issues faced by both the sexes. There are various reasons of hair loss such as thinning of hair, loss of vitamins, stress and depression, improper circulation of blood to the scalp hairlessness, dandruff and itchy scalp. Hair is formed by keratin; it is one of the proteins. Hair fall is also mentioned as baldness. Hair fall problem is also caused due to the unrelieved health issues such as thyroid, diabetes and chemotherapy of cancer. Usually, 50 to 100 hair fall is common in a day but extreme fall of hair is one of the indications that something is off beam. Given below are some advantageous home preparations to deal with the hair loss issue.

Make use of mustard oil with henna leaves. Boil the henna leaves in mustard oil for few minutes. After boiling, store this mixture in a bottle. Give regular massage from this oil, this would help you to deal with the hair fall problem and also maintain the strong and long hair.

Apply onion juice on the scalp and then also make use of honey. This would help you to reduce the hair fall and it is also one of the most effective and simplest ways to deal with the hair issues.

Prepare the combination of egg yolk and honey properly and put this blend for 30 minutes. After, clean your hair in cold water. This would help you to reduce the hair fall.

Wash your hairs with the usage of apple cider vinegar and sage tea; this would help you to preserve the long and strong hairs.

Tea tree oil is very efficient remedy to eradicate lice and bacteria which attack the follicle and cause hair fall. Give massage from tea tree oil on daily basis.

Herbs like ashwgandha, shikakai, aloe vera marshmallow and burdock are very advantageous for hair growth and also maintain the long and healthy hair. Moreover, these are herbs also very beneficial in lessening the stress and depression issues.