People loves to go to the gym, try on different exercise and equipments and sweat a lot. But do you really think that every instrument and machine you are using in the Gym is contributing to the achievement of your fitness goal. Guess what? No, It’s not every equipment is good for you some are just there to give you the feeling and other are very dangerous to you. So here is the list of equipments you should avoid in gym

Avoid Abductor machine


This machine targets only a specific area of your body, so stop using it right know. There are lots of exercises which target multiple muscles and are much easier than this like Squats. Doing squats will have effect upon multiple areas of your body and it also makes you strong internally, so you can take real life challenges easily.

Dump those tender DUM-BELLS

Most of the females have misconception that they must not lift heavy weight, doing so they will end up like a bodybuilder. But it’s completely wrong; girls should increase their dumbbell weight with time to attain the internal strength. Sticking to the light dumbbells forever will not do anything to them.

Stay away from Smith machine


May be to the big guys it’s their best friend but in reality it is very dangerous equipment. It prevents your body to move, by putting so much pressure against your body. This pressure make the picking up the weight a herculean task and instead of pushing upwards, people starts pushing it horizontally as a result of extreme counter pressure. you can use free weight to achieve the same purpose.

Stop running before elliptical


Its every Gym going person’s staple and favorite equipment but in real life it don’t do anything to your body beside some little gains over here and there. Better switch it with rowing machine they target a wide variety of muscle and with just a little technique you can achieve a lot from this single equipment.

Abort the usage of abs machine


To the six pack lovers it’s no less than a boon, but to make abs you don’t need any machine it just needs you. Full sit ups are much effective or you can do plank, it’s even better. These exercises will not only target your abs but also your abdominal muscle.