Gray Hair RemediesGraying of hair is very well-known issues these days which has to be faced by both sexes. There are lots of reasons of causes of graying hair such as stress, anxiety, lack of nutrition, skipping meals, exceedingly consumption of caffeine, long hour working, intake unhealthy food and unhealthy lifestyle and eating of high oily and spicy food. It can also be affect by the some chronic diseases like thyroid. In this article will help you to get rid of gray hair with some natural ways. Here are some of the natural methods to avoid the graying of hair given below

The most effective and simplest way to avoid the grey hair is to give proper hair massage with butter which is made of cow milk for about 2 to 3 times in a day on regular basis. This is very good natural way to get rid of graying of hair and also provide you healthy and shiny hair.

Henna is very common herb which is used in India from many centuries to treat the damage or other hair problems. You have to prepare a paste of henna powder by putting some curd, mint juice, basil juice, fenugreek and coffee and then apply it to the scalp for about 3 hours and clean your hair with water. This home recipe is very advantageous for hair and also helps you to get rid of graying of hair.

Make a strong black tea and put some table salt and give massage from this solution on to the scalp properly. Keep this solution from sometime and then wash your hair with water completely. This is also very useful remedy to avoid graying of hair.

It is also very advantageous to have grated fresh ginger with honey on daily basis. It is very good preparation which helps you in treating graying hair.

You can also give massage with herbal oil like coconut, mustard oil, olive oil and so on. You can also give massage with coconut oil by adding lemon juice in it. This is very easy method to avoid graying hair.

It is also important to have diet which is exceedingly rich source of iodine such as banana, fish and carrots.