As the New Year approaches, new resolutions, new friends and yes new food also approaches you.  Below are a few healthy foods which will keep you fit and fine:

Matcha Tea


It can be defined as dry leaves of Green Tea which is grounded into powder. The leaves are shaded for a month before they finally touch the ground for increasing the production of chlorophyll.

Broccoli sprouts


These sprouts are becoming the favorites of people on the menu of most of the restaurants across the world.



Till date the debate has been about the impact of red meat on the health of humans. But the truth is that red meat has got proteins which are very important for your health.



Sprouts and kale together can do wonders. Thus, including them in your food will be very beneficial.



Plantains have fiber which are soluble and also help treating the disease of Crohn’s.

Umeboshi’s paste


It is made up of Umebashi plum. It has a high content of salt but it is in a concentrated form. Thus, just a pinch of it is enough.



Watercress has the highest score of nutrient. The components which are present in watercress help in turning off the cells of breast- cancer.



It is Chinese- fruit which has a lot of health benefits. It has high content of potassium as well as Vitamin C. It helps in reducing inflammation.



Capers are capable of preventing a lot of dangerous diseases. When they are added to red meat, they decrease the byproducts which are formed while digestion, which may associate the risk of cancer.

Black, mung & garbanzo bean pasta


The most comman varieties of non wheat noodles have black- bean, mung-bean & garbanzo- bean. They are gluten free and also have a high content of fiber as well as protein.

Khorasan Wheat


You will be seeing more of this grain in your favorite restaurant as well as grocery shops. Several researches have proved that this wheat decreases the risk of cardiovascular failures.

Purple Peppers


The purple food is associated with the wonderful benefits to health. Different type of plants like sweet potato, tomatoes, blueberries and corn has a lot of health- boosting benefits.



Spices increase the nutrition benefits of all the foods but some of the spices are more beneficial than others. Roseberry not just reduces the risk of cancer but it also reduces the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer and muscle degeneration. It also helps in improving the health of the brain.

Coconut Flour


Coconut- flour has become very popular because of its gluten free status. But, coconut- flour has a lot of benefits which other flours don’t have.

Pine nuts


The consumption of nut is associated with reduced mortality and reduced risk of the metabolic syndromes.