Making kids lose weight is much, much harder than making adults shed their flab. Children are more prone to resisting diets and exercises. And even if we explain to them at length that it’s for their own good, they’ll never give a serious thought to whatever we say to them. The lifestyle of the children is to blame for their obesity.

Children love eating calorie-rich junk food and non-physical playtime adds fuel to the fire. That’s why when they grow up they turn into fat adults. However, alongside promoting physical playtime, you should make your kids to eat healthy foods, that won’t upset their taste buds. Check out some of the highly nutritious foods that won’t precipitate protests from the youngsters.

Breakfast is very, very crucial meal for the kids as well as for the adults. Sadly, most food products that kids have in their morning meals are packed with sugar, colorings and other additives. In order to reduce sugar intake, try switching their breakfast for oatmeal. Packed with iron, calcium and B vitamins, it’s a healthy start to a healthy day. It’s a fact that kids often resist oatmeal because it has a rather drab appearance, however, you can add some honey and decorate it with berries. The overall effect is sufficient to get your kids to relish oatmeal.

Yogurt has dairy in good quantities so it’s highly beneficial for a kid’s diet. It packs calcium for stronger bones and the substance is easily digestible compared to regular milk. Varied flavors are available for the product, so kids have lots of choices. However, kids should choose plain yogurt because the flavored ones pack lots of sugar. Also parents should check labels to find out the exact contents of the yogurt. To make the plain yogurt tasty, you can add fresh fruits to the preparation.


Kids often hate eating fresh fruits. Well, in that case you can simply make juice from the fruits, and serve or you can serve fruits in slices. Fruits are healthy because they pack some of the most basic and natural nutrients needed to sustain growth such as vitamin C and beta-carotene. Always buy fruits that are in season.