The foods that you eat affect your health directly. Of course, there are types of it – healthy and unhealthy. Quite obviously, the healthy foods help you with your health and the opposite ones help deteriorate it. There are some foods that affect particular system of your body. Today, I let you know some foods that deteriorate your musculoskeletal system, i.e., the foods that make your bones brittle.



Salt, however, extremely essential for your body, if taken in excess on a regular basis weakens your bones considerably. Studies prove that for every 2.3 grams of sodium intake, around 0.04 grams of calcium from the bones is lost. People who consume more salt on a regular basis tend to have brittle bones. Also, excessive salt intake affects your heart health negatively. So, reduce your salt intake!


Soft Drinks


Soft drinks are rich in phosphoric acid – an excellent agent to reduce calcium from your bones. Also, the carbon dioxide in soft drinks makes bones porous and brittle. Strict suggestion: avoid soft drinks!



The lattes and iced teas draw out calcium from your body and ultimately reduce its quantity, which is not good for bones!




Alcohol tops the chart if you talk about foods that make your bones brittle. Alcohol hampers the absorption of calcium and other vital nutrients that help build bones. It is suggested to limit your alcohol intake per day.

Choose the foods that you eat very wisely!