drug Addiction MainDrug addiction is an age old issue that has been troubling homes and families. Apart from inviting a host of psychological diseases, addiction also brings upon many psychological problems as well. The primary methods of addiction treatment include counseling, outpatient withdrawal therapy, and self-help group sessions that aims at helping the patient to gain control to resist the drug.  Apart from these, the patient is also addressed with medicines like depressants, stimulants and opiates. Read on to learn more about the treatment for drug addiction –


The addict along with his family members is recommended to go for counselling with a well chosen psychiatrist, psychologist, or addiction counselor as the first step to this treatment procedure. The counselors communicate and try to decipher the reason behind the addiction and may help them to resist the temptation. Often therapies like behavior therapies are conducted to help the addicts develop positivity about life and slowly move away from the drug cravings. Well assisted strategies during the counselling sessions efficiently treats the patient also prevents relapse.

Withdrawal therapy:

This process is also known as detoxification; as it aims to restrict the addict taking the drug altogether as fast and safely it is possible and one of the most recommended addiction treatment. Often in this method, the addict can feel sick to the withdrawal symptoms, thus it is recommended that the drug dose should be reduced gradually over a period of time and it should be substituted with other elements of intoxication that has less side effects. This therapy can be conducted at home, but it’s better if the addict is admitted to some rehab center and then the treatment is executed under medical supervision.


This is the primary medication prescribed to treat drug addiction. The group of depressants includes benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and so on. Once the addict starts on with the medication, he/she may counter some side effects like anxiety, palpitation, insomnia, hallucinations, restlessness, seizures, body tremors, and high blood pressure, and body temperature. These depressants slowly help the addict to cut down the amount of the drug and also promotes stability to the nervous system, thus detoxifying the body from within.


In this category of medication, the components included are cocaine, amphetamines, Ritalin methamphetamine, and others. There are side effects of this medication as well – like fatigue, depression, anxiety and intense food cravings. Some of the  serious side effects  include suicide attempts, paranoia, acute insomnia and acute psychosis. However, this medication really helps in coming out from any kind of addiction provided its practiced with patience. The family members should be cooperative and affectionate towards the person; if the side effects start affecting the health adversely, please consult a doctor immediately.

Self-help groups:

self help groupThese self help groups have shown extremely effective results in addiction treatment  lately. They primarily work based on the model of 12-step rehabilitation. This therapy is particularly effective for addicts of sedatives, cocaine, and narcotics. They fight with the situation and work on every possibility that curbs relapse of the addiction. Their process involves proper medications, self-help group meetings, constructive and aesthetic activity workshops and counselling.