body streinghtHealth is wealth, a universal maxim.  A large chunk of people all over the globe know very much that health is the precious wealth.  If a man is not physically fit, all other leisure accumulated by him turns tasteless to him.  It is also a worldwide accepted principle that who is fit that is hit.  Here are some good tips to keep one healthy, wealthy and wise.  If you follow them in letter and spirit, you will also feel a miraculous change in your health.


      Walking is an all age group exercise to strengthen your body.  Children, youth and elderly people can opt walking to keep them fit and hit.  Health experts say that a three kilometer walking a day – whether in morning or evening or both is a sufficient exercise to fine-tune the body and keep the mind active and sharp.  It not also burns the intake calorie but also keep the digestion system upto the mark.   It has also been established by the medical science that walking regulates all the body parameters viz.  Heart beating, blood pressure and, sugar and keep them within their prescribed limit as a result of which the walkers remain healthy.

Pushups and Squats:

push ups squats

       Both these exercises are preferably beneficial to young ones to build their muscles and gain strength.  The pushups exercise shapes the upper posture of the body, whereas the squats extend adequate strength to the legs, feet and other lower portion of the body.  Youth, athletes and sports men require a well shaped and energetic physique, so they practise both these exercises.  However, the people beyond 60 should avoid these hard exercises and must choose walking and other bending and stretching exercises to keep their body more flexible.



      Like walking, jogging is also a good and all accepted workout, but it is preferred for the youth and growing children to achieve full body growth.  Jogging savvy persons can jog in the parks, on lush green roads and smooth paths free from traffic and dust.  A three or four KMs jogging in a morning or evening is too sufficient to keep one healthy.  While jogging and walking good quality of sports shoes should be worn to avoid foot injury.  Arms should be allowed to move forward and backward in their natural way.  Head should be straight in commensuration with ones height.   If a companion joins you, it will add to your walking and jogging.

Bending and Stretching:


      This is very simple exercise that allows flexibility to your body.  While doing this workout, stand straight having at least one feet distance between your feet.  Raise up your arms towards sky inhaling and bend yourself bringing your arms between your legs exhaling.  Repeat this movement at least ten times.  This bending and stretching exercise discharge carbon dioxide out of your body and allows maximum oxygen enter your body that purifies the lungs as well as  blood cells.  The second one is to stand straight having a feet or more distance between the feet.  Raise both the arms as if you want to fly as a bird and then move right and left 5-6 times.  This workout keeps your back and backbone in its original shape and you will have no back ache.

Relaxing and Deep Breathing:


relax breathing

      Having undertaken any one workout of the above, you need relaxing.  Lay down on the soft ground or bed in an airy room loosing every part/limb of your body.  Keep yourself motionless and only inhale and exhale gently and deeply for one or two minute only.  Concluding, practicing this workout regularly and having a balanced diet you can keep yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.