Most fitness programs for women turn out counterproductive due to bad advice. And a majority of fitness programs for women utterly fail! There are an incalculable number of gimmicks, fad diets, and ineffective workout routines that get launched everyday; and to find something good amongst so many bad ones, becomes almost impossible. The fact of the matter is that it’s very difficult to find a diet or exercise plan that really works. Let’s check out some tips regarding fitness programs for women:

Lift Heavy Weights


Lots of women love visiting the weight room occasionally, but most of them have a fear that they’ll become bulky if they lift heavy weights. That is a myth, and sheer nonsense! Lifting challenging weights will make you look better, and not the other way round. In order to pack a little bit of lean mass you should do lifts such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and the like. With muscle in the right proportion you get to acquire a lean, fit look that you just can’t achieve with cardio alone.

By challenging yourself in the gym you also get to burn more calories — which means you get to eat more and still lose weight.

Low Fat is NOT Healthy!


Most nutritionists advice sticking with the 1980s’ low-fat diet. But by avoiding dietary fat you’ll not be able to reach your fitness goals. Low-fat diet is outdated and needs to be dumped. In fact, these so called “low-fat” products like crackers, pretzels, and other grain-based products are big impediments to getting lean! They aid in shooting up your blood sugar levels, which in turn causes your body to secrete tons of insulin, a hormone which actually makes your body store even more fat. In order to achieve lean mass, abandon most of your carbs and eat plenty of olive oil, avocados, nuts, and even some red meat.

Ease Up on the Cardio


If you’re starting on a weight lifting routine, then my advice is to cut down on the cardio you’re probably doing. Long durations on a treadmill or elliptical is simply not necessary, and it eats up way too much of your time. You should choose to do a few short sessions per week for your cardiovascular health. Or you can try : interval training! It’s a much better type of cardio. While on a treadmill or a exercise bike simply alternate short bursts of all-out sprinting with longer bouts of active rest! That way you’ll end up burning more fat all day long.