Female Ejaculation Final Female ejaculation means expulsion of fluid by the paraurethral ducts during or before an orgasm. This is also known by several other terms like gushing, squirting etc..Some females hesitate to experience, talk or discuss about it but this is one of the realities of a female orgasm.

The fluid that comes out of a female body while love making is not urine. It is a chemical construction which is known as prostatic fluid. Some people think that women don’t have prostate but a couple of years ago, medical research stated that the female prostate exists. The main thing that leads to female ejaculation is the G-spot.

Men feel proud as they act as a catalyst to squirt orgasm with their partner. It is true as it takes a certain type of touch to procure these ejaculatory functions. But a female orgasm and female ejaculation is not necessarily the same thing and both of them can be experienced at different times. Some women are able to experience both while some are on the way to learnt it on their own or with a partner.

If you want to get splashed out from your lover then you must be aware of the correct way for female ejaculation. Read on to get an elusive female ejaculation.

Before starting the process of love-making, a female should empty her bladder to ensure that anything that will come out is not urine.

Turn her on and make her wet:

Ensure the every cell in the female body is hot. As a successful love making is possible only when she is feeling hot.Kiss and cuddles her a lot as much as you can.

Search her G-spot:

Search her G-spot:Try to explore her G-spot. This is particularly the front inside wall of her vagina.It has a different texture from other muscles of the vagina.It can be felt easily when she is on as at that time, the G-spot swells with fluid.

Touch her G-spot:

G-spotExplore her G-spot with lubed fingers. Push her to the G-spot and see the reaction. She may feel the urge to urinate but as the bladder is empty she will not do so. In case any fluid comes out then it is a chemical known as prostatic fluid and not the urine. Do not stop lovemaking at this point.

Induce female ejaculations:

Induce female ejaculationsAt this time, you need to induce her body for female ejaculation. To make her experience this, keep using your fingers on her G-spot. Keep on doing so till she becomes ready for the penetration. Such type of stimulation can also be done by using a toy or penis.

At some time, she may feel an intense desire to urinate, but at the same time, she wants to keep this pleasure feeling alive. So wait till this feeling becomes an intense sexual feeling. This is the time she becomes ready to ejaculate and she keeps herself open and relaxed and let the fluid comes out of her. She may help her by pushing the pelvic floor muscles. So keep stimulating her and lingers the female ejaculation.

During female ejaculation:

orgasm8After she starts ejaculating, a clear fluid will come out of her urethra. So be ready either with a towel or put a piece of cloth underneath in case it is a concern.

Now Spray on as Either you will love it or hate it but after experiencing with this you will learn a lot for sure. Female ejaculation is not an easy thing but once a couple takes out the pee phobia then it becomes an enjoyable experience for both. So this may not be done regularly but it can be a special occasion treasure chest.

Important note:

Ejaculation is not experienced by all women easily so don’t lose your heart if the way you love is not giving results. This is because every woman has a different anatomy biologically and it may be difficult for her to experience it due to the inability to feel relax properly and weak pelvic floor muscles. So learn on to how to relax the muscles properly and forget about the pee thing in female ejaculation.