A daredevil husband and father agrees to undergo the physical pains of labor as a Mother’s Day gift to his wife while bravely letting himself be filmed as he went through the agonizing experience.

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Since eight years he had made several failed attempts trying to give his wife the perfect Mother’s Day. Finally, this year 40-year-old Penn Holderness allowed Kim Dean, who gave birth to his two children, have him hooked up to a labor simulator that left him in agony.

The whole thing was documented on camera.

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Back in 2013 a Christmas Jammies video of Holderness family, had made them an internet sensation.

‘I just think to really embrace fatherhood, you should experience what it took to become a mother,’ 39-year-old Kim tells Penn in the video, which was posted on their YouTube channel.

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The labor simulator bought online was tested on Penn in OB/GYN Dr Sameh Toma’s clinic. In the video Penn is seen hopping on the examination table, initially looking quite relaxed about the process, while the doctor hooks up the device’s wires to his stomach.

With the machine men get to experience the joy of childbirth; it works to force the abdominal muscles to contract in a way that mimics uterine contractions.

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Kim makes the experience look so authentic as she has Penn place his feet in stirrups while she shines a bright light on his ‘junk’. ‘They really have to get in there,’ she explains.

After the doctor straps the device, he turns it on to a low level, so Penn begins experiencing early labor pain. Penn is merely at three on a scale of one to ten. Ten is the ultimate level of pain.

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Within some seconds nonetheless the doctor cranks the machine up a notch and Penn starts punching the back of the table with his fist. ‘It feels like someone is trying to push something through my stomach and out of my butt hole,’ he says, while Kim tells him: ‘You can do it baby. Ten more seconds.’

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But the excruciating pain is already beginning to get to him, and when Kim asks him whether he needs any food or water, he tells her that he really needs her to get out of his face for a second. Just as he gets to active labor, which clocks in at a six on the pain scale — Penn is yelping and screaming as his wife laughs with glee.

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‘How long does that happen?’ he asks. ‘Just like for 10 hours,’ she responds. After Penn gets to his pain threshold of seven on the scale, Kim asks the doctor to turn off the machine. ‘Thank you very, very much for doing this,’ she tells him. ‘I feel very bad. I am very sorry.’

Nonetheless, the experience was an eye-opener for Penn and left him dazed. ‘I felt mad at you the whole time and you weren’t doing anything but trying to support me, but you didn’t understand what was going on right now,’ he notes before asking his wife: ‘Do you know how it feels to be a husband now and get shouted at?’

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A fragment of the footage was put to use for the Holderness family’s latest parody video Mom Thing — in which Penn, Kim and their children, Lola, 8, and Penn Charles, 5, sing an original song to the tune of the One Direction hit One Thing.

Apart from Penn’s ordeal in the delivery room, the video also shows Kim wrapping 50lbs of extra weight around Penn’s stomach, drinking a beer in front of her ‘pregnant husband’ and teaching her spouse how to use a breast pump.

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‘So try to get up and get outta bed/ I got a headache, can’t take meds/ I just, I just, I just want a drink/ But I’ll do that mom thing,’ Penn sings in the comical video. Anyways, one thing is certain that Penn and Kim won’t be going near a delivery room again any time soon.

In the family’s 2013 Christmas Jammies video, Pen had openly rapped about getting a vasectomy – therefore there will be no baby number three.