Family Fitness

Everyone knows that childhood obesity is at an all time high. Kids nowadays remain indoors most of the time watching TV or playing video games. As a matter of fact kids nowadays have a lot going on in their lives, just like adults. That’s the reason kids don’t have time for fitness, and that calls for doing something to change the direction children are going, and turn it around before it’s too late.

Parents Need to Be Innovative

A smart way to motivate kids about fitness is to teach through example. Because adults are always short of time, they need to be innovative and turn everyday family time into family fitness time. Rather than sitting down to watch a television show with your children, play ball with them or go for a walk. By doing so you’ll be encouraging fitness, as well as giving your family quality time. The truth is that we hardly talk while we watch a show on television.

Set a family fitness time and stick to that routine on a regular basis. Set aside a night each week for an organized activity like bowling, roller skating, or another specialized sport. Or you can try, going for daily walks or bike rides. In order to encourage physical activity you can even play simple games such as hide and seek or shooting hoops in the driveway

Encourage your kids to play team sports such as soccer, basketball or baseball. If it is possible, volunteer to help out with their team. Show your kids that you care and make them understand the value of playing different sports. Through your participation you’ll get to strengthen the bond of love with your children.

Motivate kids to set fitness goals, either ask them to set aside specific days in a week for exercising, or set goals for the actual exercise, how many hoops you can shoot or how far you can ride your bike. Friendly competitions prompt kids to try a little harder.