diet plans for womenThere are mainly two types of diet: for weight gain and for weight loss. The diet has to alter according to the bodily needs. A women whose body mass index is on the higher side wants to lose weight while on the other hand, a skinny woman wants to put on some weight to look good. Skinny women try different eating habits to gain weight and obese females sweats to lose some extra pounds from their body. The internal health conditions help us to take a decision on a particular food habit. Here you will get an idea on what type of eating habits should be inculcated in women who wants to lose weight and gain weight. Diet Plans for Women for weight loss Eat carefully when your body holds a tendency to gain weight. After 30, most of the women gain weight and the problem increases further when they enter the phase of menopause. This is because of changes in the hormones and increase in age. Some females gained weight at the time of puberty. All this happens due to hormonal changes. Another possible reason for weight gain is hyperthyroidism. All women that fall in the given category should make a special diet plan. These diet plans for women helps them to control their body weight.

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Cut down the intake of carbohydrates. A high amount of carbohydrate is present in fast foods, junk food, carbonated and sweetened beverages and other sweet recipes. Instead, eat brown rice, bran, oatmeal, cornflakes and brown breads.

Avoid taking started fats like mustard oil, cod liver oil, refined flour, white bread etc… Replace them with cereals, cholesterol free butter and a moderate amount of cheese. Use olive oil and unsaturated fatty acids in cooking.

Increase the intake of protein in your diet. You can take protein shakes, albumin of egg, tofu, skimmed milk, low fat dairy products, chicken, tuna, salmon fish etc.

In addition to above, females should take goo amount of fiber that comes from salads and raw boiled vegetales.Include cucumber, cabbages, green leafy vegetables like spinach and broccoli in your diet.

Eat an apple a day and citrus fruits like oranges, limes etc.Avoid eating fruits that are rich in sugar content like mangoes, grapes and cherries. Diet Plans for Women for weight gain It is rightly said by the health experts that gaining body weight is difficult than losing weight. This is because if the body is skinny and holds this tendency then whatever a person eats, it will be absorbed by the body. There are some girls and women who gorge with fast foods everyday but still no fat comes visible on their body. But this way is not safe to gain weight. All women who are looking for weight gain should follow a proper diet plan with weight gain foods that are healthy as indulging in bad eating habits gives way to several diseases. The problem of hypothyroidism is also responsible for thing body of some woman. A combination of exercises with a good diet plan for woman will help to gain weight in the right manner.

Check out the diet plan to gain weight:

The intake of carbohydrates should be increased. Take healthy food with carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans etc…The intake of honey and brown sugar are also beneficial.

The females who are not having any health problem like diabetes or high cholesterol can take fast foods in moderate amounts. This is a safe option to gain weight in teenagers and women below 30.They can have a cheeseburger and pizza three times in a month to gain weight.

Eat good fats. Use cod liver oil or mustard oil for food preparation. Flaxseeds and sunflower seeds should be taken daily.

Use full cream milk and take cereals with full cream milk only. You can take eggs with yolk. Drink special shakes for weight gain and eat white bread sandwiches that are made with chocolate sauce and full fat cheese and butter in it.

Sweet fruits like mangoes, raspberries, peaches, banana and plum can be taken if the sugar levels are normal. You can also eat dry fruits, cakes, dry fruits and ice creams with no worries. These diet plans for women are safe for healthy women who don’t have any health disorder and consult with your physician in case you are suffering from any ailment before resorting to these diet plans.