coupleLauren and Justin Shelton is a couple who have faced from the problem of obesity in all their lives. At the time of their marriage in the year 2008, Justin weight was 450 lbs and Lauren’s was above 300 lbs. The weight was too much in their 20’s.And then in 2012, Justin suffered from the problem of infection in the kidney and he had to be taken to a hospital but then to their dismay he came to know that it was impossible to get the treatment as the body weight is too much. The very next day Justin said this to his wife that he would definitely change the way he lives, whatever may come and his wife accepted this proposal to save him from the doors of death.

Both of them then contact a health specialist and he advised him not to drink any sodas, sugary drinks and replace all such drinks with only water. He further advised to quit taking any fast food and resort to a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables only. They took the advice of the specialist seriously and started eating healthy diet with lots of physical exercise to get a fit body.

It was just after exact 19 months that Lauren and Justin got a new look. This couple with their constant endeavor lost 520 lbs total weight. Lauren further stated that she has been tempted many a times by a desert or that is forbidden to eat but she managed to remain focused on the goal of weight loss.

Now this couple looks amazing and is always interested to share their experience to people around them.