core exerciseCore exercises means exercises that increases the strength of the back muscles, pelvis and abdomen. The strengthening of these muscles helps to participate in physical activities like jogging, exercising, walking easy. These core exercises are must to do for athletes as it increases the body balance and builds stability. Everybody benefits a lot by these exercises as it tones their muscles and abs and improves the body image. The core exercises for men increases the strength of back muscles and prevents any type of injuries that may occur due to weight or resistance training. These core exercises can be done at home as they don’t need any type of equipment.


bridg pushupsIn this exercise, you need to take the similar position as you have taken in abdominal crunches. Start doing this exercise by stretching the muscles of the abdomen and lift the hips up from the ground level. Keeps your back straight while doing this exercise. Make a straight line with knees ad shoulders while raising your hips. Hold onto this position for at least five seconds. Repeat doing bridges at least ten times and increase the number of repetitions once your body adapts to it.

Abdominal Crunches:

abdominal crunchesThis is one of the best core exercise to increase the strength of the muscles in the abdomen. Now to do this exercise, one has to do lie down on ground and while keeping your knees in bented and elevated position with feet horizontally on the ground, at a distance from hips. Give support to your head by crossing your hands. Next, raise your upper body and pull the abdominal muscles inside your body. Hold on to this position for atleast 5-10 seconds and then relax. Do ten repetitions of this exercise and increase the number of repetitions as you feel comfortable.

Segmental Rotation:

sigmental rotationThis is one of the easiest core exercise which are best for beginners. To start doing this exercise, you need to take similar position as you took in the previous two exercises. In the next step, tighten the muscles of the abdomen and keep your shoulders stationery on the floor. Now lower both knees towards left side of the floor. Try to touch the ground as much as you can. Hold on to this position for five seconds. After taking the initial position, do the same exercise towards right side. Do at least ten repetitions on both sides.

Back Extension:

backBack extension is very useful exercise for people who have the problems of back pain. To do this exercise, lie down on the floor on your stomach and then join your legs and keep them straight. Keep your hands in crossed position behind your head.Next, exhale and raise your upper body from the floor and bend it slightly towards your hips. Lift your upper body till the time you feel comfortable. Stay in this position for five seconds and then inhale slowly while taking your starting position. The lower body has to be kept stationery while doing back extension. Do at least ten repetitions of this exercise.

Superman Exercise:

supermanTo do superman exercise, you need to lie down on your stomach on the ground. The distance between the legs should be the same as of shoulders. Extend your arms over the head and palms should touch the ground. Lift the right arm up and Simultaneously, you need to lift your left leg. Stay in this position for five seconds and then do the similar exercise with the combination of left arm and right leg. Keep the muscles of the abdomen tight while doing it. Repeat this exercise ten times on both sides.

A stability ball can be used to do crunches and back extension to increase the effectiveness of these exercises in core strengthening.Initially, you should take help from a fitness instructor to do these exercises so that you can aware yourself about the right way to do these exercises.

A combination of core exercises with weight training and cardiovascular exercises will help you to make all round development of the body.