Muscle and fitness are two terms that have a strong connection with each other. Both when combined can bring happiness and wellness to your life. It’s a pretty straight forward formula to get back a wonderful health – do regular physical exercise, and plenty of it, and be active, that’s it!

MusclesThis formula doesn’t apply to just the people who are overweight or are obese, and looking to cut pounds, rather it’s for anyone who wants to stay fit and in shape. For people who are looking to tone up their body muscles, need setting up of a regular muscle building and fitness routine. Staying fit by sticking to a fitness routine will help in your goals.

Fitness is basically a combination of cardiovascular exercises, muscle strengthening and stretching. You can either learn all the work-out routines at a gym, under the guidance of personal trainers, or a gym instructor. Alternatively, you can learn these routines at home, with a little practice and method.

I’ll like to refer to three basic reasons that will impel you to get to work on your health!

Reason #1: If you are overweight and want to lose some pounds, then the best and simplest way to do so is by cutting your caloric intake, while raising your energy expenditure through exercises.

Reason #2: If you are a skinny type, and looking to gain some weight, then the best route to follow to gain a few pounds is to add more calories to your diet. And team it up by doing muscle building exercises.

Reason #3: The third reason is to simply get the feeling of pleasure, that you’ve acquired a strong, and muscular body and that your body looks beautiful and is in shape.

In order to reach your goal you should team-up strength and cardio training. If you want to go for both strength and cardio during the same session, then start off by doing cardio. It will help burn extra calories PLUS boost overall muscle size. As the muscles use up a large amount of calories, increasing your muscle mass ensures that you end up burning more calories through the day, and even at night when your body is sleeping.