chocolateOne of the most enjoyed foods across the world is chocolate. Chocolate has medicinal properties yet many of us feel bad after consuming chocolates. A study done in 2006 has revealed the fact that regular consumption of chocolates help in reducing cardiac mortality by 50%. The study was done on people who consumed about 2.11 gm of chocolate per day or consumed about half ounce of chocolate per week.

diabetes type 1-2Many other interesting facts have been revealed from the newer researches of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The studies show consumption of chocolate helps in reducing different types of diseases. Cocoa and flavan-3-ols are the components in chocolates that help in reducing cardiovascular diseases. About 42 acute and long term studies were done and average of 33% reduction of insulin resistance is possible by consuming chocolates. People used to have notion that consumption of chocolates increase blood sugar level and blood insulin levels thus increase insulin resistance. But studies have shown something different. Studies have shown that consumption of dark chocolates is beneficial in treating as well as in preventing type-1 and type-2 diabetes.

ValentinesChocolatesThe cocoa present in the dark chocolate helps in improving the dysfunction of endothelial. When blood sugar level increases it leads to glycation (it is oxidation and caramelizaion of blood sugar). As a result sticky sugar-protein and sugar-lipid compounds damage blood vessel linings and also the lining of other organs thus lead to their damage as their dysfunction. With consumption of chocolates, diabetic patients will have lesser risks because of cocoa dilates the arteries. Chocolate consumption is also responsible for reducing stroke risks, preventing cholesterol oxidation, and others.

organic chocolate-4Those who want to get benefitted by the benefits of chocolate consumption must consume organic chocolates.  Consumption of non-organic chocolates may cause more harm than that of providing benefits. Cocoa that is grown in non-organic farms has harmful herbicide glyphosate in them thus consuming non-organic chocolates will harm us than preventing and protecting different form of diseases. Before you start consuming chocolate for betterment of your health, you must do required homework so that you get to know if the ingredients come from the ideal source and ideal trade practices are followed.