Breast cancerThe occurrence of a breast lump can bring a number of anxious thoughts like what, why and how. It is always not necessary that a lump in  breast means you are suffering from cancer, some other causes of such hardened masses in the breast are infections, cysts, fibrocystic conditions, fibroadenoma, mastitis and so on. Thus, whenever you feel such a lump, make sure to get a physician’s appointment at the earliest to ensure proper diagnosis and then required treatment. This article will wade away the doubts lingering in your mind regarding breast lumps and reveal five of  the prime causes of lump in breast.


This is the condition usually occurring to lactating mothers, where the breast tissues get inflamed due to blockage in the milk ducts. When the nipple surface gets cracked, there lies a possibility for the bacteria to enter through this wound and lead to infections within. Eventually the area gets hardened as the infection clogs the milk ducts and in the  due course of time the lump gets red, swollen, tender and extremely painful. These infections are nothing but a sack of pus that grows into an abscess.

Breast Cancer:

Breast cancerThis is probably the most serious cause for the occurrence of breast lumps; however with advancements in medical science the death rates from breast cancer has reduced considerably. Screening on time and improved medications can treat breast cancer effectively. Breast cancer can be diagnosed with the help of a physician and even self-examination of the breasts in particular strokes, ultrasound testing, mammography, and the final option is biopsy.


These are harmless and non-cancerous growths in the breast that is most commonly seen in women in the age group of 30 to 35 years old. In some cases, however it is seen to occur in women under the age of 30 years also. These are solid and firm tumors, painless in nature and sometimes slightly tender. Their growth rate is faster in teenagers and also seen to occur during pregnancy. However, the condition should be under medical supervision.

Fibrocystic breasts:

Fibrocystic breastsThe fibrocystic changes in a breast can be denoted with many irregular lump formations in the breast that gives a granular look. The primary reason for such lumps in the breasts are sensitivity in the variable hormone level of the woman. These lumps can sometimes be painful, but they are non malignanat and more commonly seen in women in the age group of 30 – 50 years. Such breast lumps are associated with PCOS troubles.

Breast cysts:

This is another common cause for lump in breast; when the breast tissues gets filled with fluid, tiny sacs are formed within the breast tissues that lead to small and hard lumps. These are harmless and usually painless. Breast cysts are commonly found in women above 35 years of age. The size of the cysts are variable, especially depends on the menstrual cycle or pregnancy conditions and can be tender as well. The diagnosis can be confirmed by mammogram or ultrasound examination of the breasts. Needle aspiration biopsy is the most common treatment method, however if the condition is recurring a surgery might me recommended.

Most importantly, the correct diagnosis of a breast lump is essential and it should be done by a proper method and reliable physician to avoid any kind of wrong treatment or negligence.