eating disorderAn eating disorder can be explained as a psychological condition in which several types of changes take place. These are usually health problems which are caused due to any complex and interwoven biological, psychological and social factors.

The main feature of eating disorder is eating behavior of a person that undergoes change like overeating or lesser intake of food due to stress in life of fear of getting obese. These disorders always exis with some other psychological disorders like anxiety, depression and abuse of a substance. Two major types of eating disorders are bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. These two major types are again classified under sub types.

There are a number of causes of eating disorders that include biological, psychological, and social factors. Cultural and family pressures as well as personality and emotional disorders also contribute to develop eating disorders. Listed below are all the reasons for such disorders:

Major life transitions:

One of the major cause of eating disorder is any type of major life transitions as majority of people are not able to cope up with the major changes that occur in their life. Some of the examples of such transitions are started going to a school or college, entering into puberty, major illness, death of a loved one. All these transitions increases the stress in life and people start eating excess or deny eating food.

Emotional and psychological health:

couple exercisingSome emotional and psychological issues also lead to eating disorders. These emotional or psychological problems can be lack of perfectionism, difficulty in managing anger, impulsive behavior, low self esteem, family conflicts and strained relationships.

Biological issues:

The presence of a chemical known as serotonin in the brain occurs naturally and this chemical affects the eating behavior of an individual. This issue falls in the category of biological problems and it affects the intake of food and leads to eating disorder in an individual.

Sociocultural issues:

Socio cultural issues include intake of less food due to social obligations. This is because there are some people in the society that are teased for their obesity. Such people face embarrassing situation and starts feeling that they should eat less quantity of food. They start making efforts to lose their body weight only because of the society.
Occurrence of Traumatic events:

When a person passes through any traumatic event in their life like a physical or sexual abuse then such people wants to lose weight as they want to lose the attraction and want to avoid any type of sexual attention. Any kind of major injury or long sickness is also responsible for the problem of eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia.

Psychiatric illnesses:

worriedResearchers hold a belief that some people suffer from the problem of eating disorders in response to any psychiatric problems that have occurred previously. The main triggers of such problems are biological and eating is affected by biological problems.

Apart from these causes, other risk factors like gender, influences from family, emotional disorders, excessive dieting also affects eating disorders. The chances of such disorders are more likely in teenagers and young women.