Adam Koessler was left hopeless after his 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma – a very serious abdomen cancer. So, as a concerned parent he tried to find the least harmful way to treat his daughter’s illness. And during his quest ran across an alternative therapy — Cannabis oil. Adam lives in Australia — where there’s a ban on the use of medicinal marijuana. But nothing could stop Adam from attempting to treat her daughter with cannabis oil.

Arrested For Administering Medical Grade Cannabis Oil


On January 2nd, police arrested Adam and charged him for “allegedly administering medicinal cannabis oil” to his 2 year old daughter. Another charge slapped on him was ”possession of a dangerous drug.” He faces up to 20 years in jail if found guilty.

His daughter right now has been removed from his care (he is not in a relationship with the girl’s mother, they broke up many years ago) and is allowed to visit her in the Lady Cilento Children’s hospital in South Brisbane, Australia. She is at the moment being treated with aggressive chemotherapy. Before Adam’s daughter was diagnosed, he was allowed to see her four days a week as per a court order issued back in 2013. He’s presently only allowed to visit her with restricted access – and all information regarding her treatment and progress is not being conveyed to him.

Adam’s request of delivering organic meals to her daughter during her stay in hospital was turned down. He then spoke to other parents in this regard, and was told that they have the permission to bring whatever they like to their own children. It looks like Adam is being incredibly unfairly treated.

A Parent Doesn’t Even Have A Right To Feed Their Kids Healthy Food?


All will agree that it’s not right to keep a parent away from a child during hospital stays and treatments such as chemotherapy. The trauma that can arise from this alone is incredibly stressful and damaging – especially when the child is just 2-years-old. To stop a parent from giving healthier food (even airplane food tends to be far better than what is served in our hospitals!) is frankly disgusting. The way Adam is being treated shows that our human rights – and rights as parents – are being taken away from us.

Adam’s story is unfortunately not at all unusual. The government and medical system can “own” our children and do as they will when they decide to step in, and when they do, a parent loses all rights. How painful it would be when your child is diagnosed with cancer, and you’re not able to decide what is given in the treatment of it, and then you are not allowed to see your child when you wish, or be in charge of what they eat in order to get well again

Medical Use Of Cannabis Is Legal In Many Countries


What makes this case more painful is the fact that medical use of cannabis is now legal in quite a few countries and jurisdictions – such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Israel, Netherlands, Spain, and some states in the US (such as Colorado), although it is illegal under US federal law.
Soon more states in USA would be making Cannabis legal for medicinal use. There are definite benefits of using cannabis oil alongside standard cancer treatment. Pain and nausea are said to be far less due to the soothing effects of Cannabis. Adam despite wanting the best for his daughter is being treated like a criminal. The laws in Australia clearly need to change.

Let’s Help This Father


There has been extensive coverage of Adam’s story by the Australian media where he has the backing of some members of the public who’re petitioning that this law regarding the use of medical cannabis must be changed. Adam is at the moment desperately trying to raise funds to help him defend his case in court. I therefore hope that we can get behind this and donate, even if its just $10.

Let’s all collaborate and donate for this noble cause. I personally feel that if in future I happen to be in the same position I would expect people to come forward to help me. Am I wrong?