Canker Sore Home RemedyCanker sores or ulcers are also named as Aphthous Stomatitis and occurred in mouth. These sores appears round or whitish oval and also have reddish border and develop on mucus membranes in the mouth, sides of mouth or on the tongue. They are not infectious and can happen at any age. This problem is not serious health condition and normally resolve within a 7-14 days naturally. These sores are very painful and upsetting, especially when eating. In this article we will discuss more about the causes and symptoms of canker sores and also suggest you some home remedies to deal with these mouth ulcers.

Canker Sores Causes:

Canker Sores CausesThe accurate cause of canker sores is unidentified. Anxiety or stress is thought to be the reason of causing canker sores. There are other causes such as environment, hereditary, oral trauma and hormonal changes linked to menstrual cycle, smoking cessation, toothpastes containing sodium lauryl sulphate, certain drugs like ibuprofen, atenolol and food allergy or sensitivities like pineapple, tomatoes, nuts, acidic foods and chocolates. Canker sores can also be happened due to the lack of vitamin B12 or folic acid and iron.

Canker Sores Symptoms:

Canker Sores SymptomsThese mouth ulcers happen in various forms and they appear anywhere in the mouth except for the apex of the tongue, hard palate and lips. The sores start as small round or oval reddish swellings that normally burst within one day. The cracked ulcers are covered with thin white or yellow membrane and framed by a red nimbus. Normally, the ulcers cure in two weeks without scarring. In some cases you may have fever and the ulcers are rarely linked with other diseases. In serious cases you may also cause swollen lymph nodes, physical sluggishness and fever.

Home remedies for Canker Sores:

There are some of the effective home remedies to cure canker sores:

Home remedies for Canker SoresThe most effective and simple home remedy to deal with the canker sores is to wash your mouth with aloe juice regularly. You can also put the alum on the infected area two times a day. This is very beneficial to reduce the pain and also quickens healing.

You can also wash your mouth by combining baking soda in lukewarm water several times a day. You can also directly apply the baking soda on the ulcers. You can utilize it either in the paste form or powdered form. This will help you to lessen the bacteria in the mouth.

You can also make use of onion; it is also one of the best home preparations to deal with canker sores. You can apply the raw onions of the infected area.

Take a glass of water and add few drops of grapefruit seed and wash your mouth with this water in a day. This is also one of the best home remedy to cure canker sores.

Consume fresh papaya fruit or papaya leaves; this is also very good remedy to cure canker sores. You can also have papaya tablets, easily available in the market.

Add one part of hydrogen peroxide in three parts of water and use this water as a mouthwash two times a day. This remedy is also very effective to deal with canker sores.