sweating workout
A few words of wisdom on workout ——- come out from the mouth of Dancing With the Stars vet Brooke Burke-Charvet —– in her recent interview with E! Online she unraveled: ”If you see no sweating, simply accept it your workout is sloppy. You need to break a sweat —- you need to push yourself to the point of fatigue —- you gotta speed up your heart rate to demolish fat, that’s for sure.” Brooke a mom of four has the best body in town —- and is a fitness trainer as well. But a question springs up: Can sweat level measure the precise amount of work you’re putting in — and the calories you’re burning?

Experts don’t think on the same lines. ”Your sweat level doesn’t link with your fitness level,” states Craig Ballantyne, certified trainer and author of Turbulence Training. ”Sweat hinges on the twin factors of: genetics and ambient temperature. 60 minutes of a more-sweaty cardio session doesn’t guarantee a better fitness —- than what a less-sweaty interval training of 10 minutes ensures.”

How come, workouts like Pilates and Yoga that don’t leave you in a puddle of sweat —- are so effective at keeping you toned and fit. ”To shape-up means to improve health, raise endurance, and build core muscles — you can achieve it without a lot of sweating,” affirms Ballantyne.’

Ballantyne adds: ”As regards benefits of raising heart-rate —- a pulse-pumping cardio workout really don’t burn as many calories as you’d think. Cardio does little for strength, prompts overuse injuries, is oversold for fat loss, and doesn’t boost overall body muscle endurance.”

A torturous treadmill workout, or pouring sweat in a cycling class is awesome for fitness — also burn a fair number of calories —– but cardio isn’t the be-all, end-all for fat burn that Brooke thinks it is.