BruisesBruise is one of the most general skin issues, which is disturbed due to the bruising of the skin. It is situation where blood outlines the devastated blood vessels deep beneath the skin gets close to the surface of the skin that fallout in what we think a black and blue mark. There are several reasons of causing the discoloration of the skin such as ache swelling and fading of the skin. It can also happens due to the shortage of vitamin C, malnutrition, lack of vitamin and minerals, blood vessels become weak and fragile, it levels breaks when there is excess force and other reason of causing bruises is diabetes and menstrual cycle. There are other various causes of this health issues such as accidental injury, physical fatigue, falls, bleeding disorders, immune disorders, scurvy, leukemia and hemophilia and also excess usage of medicines like aspirin, anesthetics, cortisone and penicillin as they can put awful impression on the health. Given below are some profitable home remedies to treat bruises

The most effective natural way to deal with bruises is to take vitamin K or alfalfa in the form if tablets. This is very beneficial to manage the action of the blood thickening and treat bruises.

Taking of the vitamin C is also very profitable to prevent you from bruises, which is disturbed by the thickening of the walls of blood vessels. Vitamin C is also very good for skin and also solves the skin issues and internal hemorrhage.

Another successful way to treat the bruises is making the tea with confrey root and buchu and applies this solution on the infected area. This mixture aids you to provide liberation from ache and also helps you to keep away from the discoloration of the skin.

Parsley is also one of the efficient herbs for bruises. It is extremely rich in vitamin which is very constructive to cure the bruises. You can also mash the parsley and apply on to the infected region this would help out you to provide release from ache. Also apply this crushed parsley on usual basis until the blue or black marks disappear.