Dr Deyo Famuboni, a GP in London warns if you have got cracks at the side of your mouth or thinning hair, itchy feet, an unexplained rash or dark circles under your eyes — all these are pointing to an illness or other health issues.

In an interview given to Healthista she said it’s vital to listen to your body

From yellow spots on the elbows to itchy feet, here she explains how to work out if something is up with your health…


Yellow spots on the elbows are sign of high cholesterol, whereas a rash could signify coeliac disease, says Dr Deyo Famuboni, a GP in London

Gaining weight around the waist

While shopping for a pair of jeans you find that your waist size has gone up, and is higher than 31 inches (80cm) as a woman or 37 inches (94cm) as a man —- it is a sign you are at risk of developing diabetes and a condition called the metabolic syndrome.

The risk increases manifold if the waist is bigger than 34 inches (88cm) as a woman or 40 inches (102cm) as a man.

It is recommended that you keep the waist circumference low.

Yellow spots around your eyes and or your elbows

Called xanthelasma the condition is triggered due to fatty deposits just under your skin. It indicates a high cholesterol level.

Dietary interventions and exercise can help to reduce this.


You have darker circles around your eyes

Dark circles can be due to not getting enough sleep or due to allergies and frequently itching the eyes or rubbing the nose.
If you find they are due to house dust mites, limiting your exposure may help. If the itching is frequent, anti-allergy medications may help.

Itchy feet

Spending time in sweaty trainers at the gym or swimming can often trigger off fungal infections, causing the feet to itch.
The typical sign is a white scaly or damp rash in between your toes or under the feet.

An anti-fungal cream, usually available over the counter can help to treat this.

Cracks at corners of your mouth

It indicates deficiency of iron and vitamin B. Increase intake of leafy green vegetables, lean meat and eggs.
Topical treatment is recommended to control infections.


Cracks at the corner of the mouth indicates deficiency of iron and vitamin B. Increase intake of leafy green vegetables, lean meat and eggs

Very itchy rash

If it doesn’t go away despite using creams available over the counter, this can be a sign of coeliac disease.

This affects the lining of the gut, making it difficult to absorb nutrients. Later on it can cause chronic damage to the bowels.

Strictly avoiding gluten is the main treatment and leads to it resolving.

Thinning hair

It is a sign of low levels of iron. Women are more at risk since they lose iron monthly and therefore can become anaemic.

Having a thyroid problem can also affect the hair.

Have plenty of lean meat and eggs.


Brittle nails usually occur if we over-expose the nails to wet, damp conditions

Brittle nails

This usually happens if we over-expose the nails to wet, damp conditions or frequently use nail polish.

It is recommended to moisturize nails regularly. Using a supplement with biotin (vitamin b7) may be effective.


Constipation is the body’s way of telling us to increase our fibre and water intake.


It is a warning you need to increase the fibre and water in your diet.

Fibre is also necessary to prevent constipation and excess wind or bloating.
We need both insoluble (such as wheatbran, whole-grains) and soluble fibres (including oatbran and pulses) to prevent constipation and help decrease cholesterol levels respectively.