Best workout routinesEverybody dreams of a well toned body. A body with flat abs, tightened arms and muscular legs is surely a dream come true. Isn’t it? But starving is not a solution. All you can do is to involve yourself in workout routines that will help you to tone every part of your body. The type of workout that one should do depends upon the type of body, eating habits and presence of any physical ailments. Now this article will help you to get an insight into generic workout routines.

Abdominal Exercises:

Abdominal ExercisesThe maximum accumulation of weight is in the abdomen area. So the workout should focus on the muscles of the abdomen. The loss of the upper abdomen is easy as compared to lower abdominal exercises help to tighten the loose and flabby muscles of the abdomen. You can do abs exercise on a ground or on an abs machine. Lay down on the ground and place your hands behind your neck or under the back.Now,bend your knees so that the feet can touch the ground.Again,you need to move your shoulders and trunk area towards the knees till the time you start feeling strain in your abdominal muscles. A total of 100 crunches in a day will help you to have fabulous abs.

Pectoral Exercise:

Pectoral ExercisePectoral exercise workout laid emphasis on the upper body and pectoral muscles. A well built shoulders and a V shaped chest is possible only when you do bench press. Bench press can be done with the help of dumbbells. Lie straight on a bench and to maintain the balance, you should keep the feet on the floor. Now, lift the dumbbells to the full length of your arms till the time it becomes parallel to the ground. Lower the dumbbells slowly till they touch the chest. A total of two sets of 20 bench press when done regularly in a month will tone the upper body.

Shoulder Press:

Shoulder PressShoulder press helps to build muscle mass around the shoulders. This exercise can be performed with the help of a machine or with free weights. If you want to use a machine to do this, then you can do it in a seated position whereas, using free weights, you have to do it in standing position. In both the positions, it has to be done in the same manner. Place your hands next to your shoulder and keep feet firmly on the ground. Take hold of the weights tightly in both of your hands and lift the weight till your arm is completely stretched out. Now; come back to the starting point in a slow motion. Do it 20 times in two sets to tone your triceps.


SquatsSquats are one of the important exercises in any workout routines. This exercise uses the weight of the body and helps in toning the lower body. This exercise can also be done on a squat machine or with the help of free weights. To do this exercise, stand on your feet and keep your shoulder’s a wide apart. Now squat down as you are going to sit on an imaginary chair. Go down till the knees take a completely bent position and then come back to the original position. Always avoid bending forward as it will put you in danger to fell on your face. Wider stance helps to work on the inner thighs and a narrow one on the outer thigh muscles. Inhale while going down and exhale while moving up. A total number of 20-30 squats in a day will help to tone your legs.

Apart from these exercises, our body needs some cardiovascular exercises and weight lifting for weight loss and body toning. So to make your workout routines effective, alternate your plan with cardiovascular exercises like a treadmill, cycling, spinning, and aerobics, jogging and swimming.

Another most important thing is that you should start any of your workout routines with a warm up. A warm up helps to intimate the muscles for an intensive workout. Thus a rigorous attempt will surely give you a figure of your choice.