asthma medicationAsthma is a chronic respiratory disease that is caused due to inflammation of the airways. The inflammation in the airways causes them to become narrow which creates a difficulty in breathing. This difficulty in breathing is also accompanied by symptoms like wheezing, cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness and mucus production. Asthma should not be neglected because some asthma attacks can be fatal. If the asthma is not so severe then asthma medications should be started immediately – the first step is to recognize the triggers and avoid them. For example wearing a mask or dust guard, keeping rooms free of dust, cleaning bed sheets and covers every day preferably to get rid of dust mites and avoiding too much of a temperature difference. Other than these steps there are also a number of medications that keeps asthma is control.

The prime five asthma medications are discussed here that are effected for asthma treatment.

Inhaled Corticosteroids:

Medications like Rhinocotrt, Pulmicort, Nasonex, Alvesco, Aerobid, Aerospan HFA and beclomethasone are included under this head. These inhalers reduce the swelling and tightening of the airways thereby treating asthma. These medications however, are used for long term treatment from days to several weeks religiously. Unlike oral corticosteroids, the inhaled corticosteroids have much less side effects and thus are safe for long term use.


This is a pill for asthma patients that has to be taken daily to keep the airways open. Theophylline act as a bronchodilator and thus keeps the airways open by relaxing the muscles along the airways.


PREVENTERSThis inhaler is used for quick relief during an asthma attack. Albuterol acts as a quick relief bronchodilator and short acting beta agonist that quickly relaxes the airway muscles thereby giving almost instant relief from the attack. This can be taken with a portable hand held inhaler or nebulizer, which is a machine converting the asthma medication into a mist allowing the patient to inhale it through a face mask or a mouthpiece.

Leukotriene Modifiers:

These medications include Singulair, Accolate and Zyflo which helps in the treatment of asthma by blocking the leukotreines which are immune system chemicals, responsible for asthma symptom. These medications can help prevent the symptoms up to twenty four hours.


ImmunotherapyIn case of asthma that is severe, chances are that it can be worsened if the patient is prone to allergies. Allergic reactions are dangerous for asthma because they aggravate the asthma symptoms to a large extent, most often causing it to be fatal. To treat asthma triggered by allergies, immunotherapy can be used. This treatment gives allergy shots to reduce the patient’s immune system’s reaction to specific allergens. These shots are given once a week for few months and then once a month for three to five years.

If a patient is suffering from asthma flare up, then the quick relief inhalers should be used as they are handy but for the long term asthma treatment, proper asthma medications is very essential to keep the asthma under control. If the long term treatments is taken sincerely then the need to take quick relief inhalers frequently is likely to reduce. Moreover quick relief inhalers do not work to reduce the disease; they only provide a temporary relief.