With scores of choices put on view at shoes stores, picking the best exercise shoes can get pretty confusing. However, when looking for exercise shoes women must follow the guidelines regarding how to select the perfect pair for the feet. After all, it’s your comfort and safety that are at stake.


When it come to selecting the best fitness shoes for women their looks are not the sole consideration. Beauty is just one aspect that you need to look at, but more than that you must check their functionality and quality. That is an aspect which you must pay attention to, apart from the beauty of the exterior. Women who do heavy workout or whose training routines involve rigorous exercises, should buy a more robust yet comfortable footwear.

Women should discern what their real needs are before they start looking for a suitable pair for their feet. Prior to setting foot inside the shoe store, you must spend a little time to know about your arch type. The specifications of the shoes you need depend on your arch type. A simple method to know your arch type is to step on dry paper while your foot is wet. By examining the marks that come out you can identify your arch type; when you see your full foot printed on the paper, you are flat-footed, whereas if you can only identify your front foot and your heel on the paper, it indicates that are high-arched. By knowing your type you are better equipped to pick a pair that is fit for you.

fitness2The next feature that you need to check when you are looking for fitness shoes is the material from which the shoes are made. Consider buying shoes made of breathable materials. Buying this kind of shoes means your feet won’t feel suffocated and you won’t feel that much muscle strain when you are working out.

To wrap up look for reputable and trusted shops to make sure you are getting the best workout shoes. Look for stores that specialize in selling sports shoes and exercise apparels. Plus, don’t try to buy a pair because it is offered at a cheap price; these low-cost footwear use low-quality materials in the construction, and tend to wear out faster. Look for shoes having a bit higher price tag – because they are usually worth it. Also make sure to replace your exercise shoes after using them for a certain amount of time. For example, running shoes need to be replaced after 350-400 miles of use. If you notice that the back of the sole has worn out or the shoes feel uncomfortable, it’s time to throw them into the garbage bin.