Gets you feeling calm and relaxed in just 15 minutes

Everyone is prone to getting stressed. Luckily we can overcome stress with the help of some simple yoga poses that anyone can do. Here’s how:



At the start, warm up with two to four sun salutations. Next, do these poses, which were selected by YogaWorks instructor Keisa Parrish to help anyone chill, de-stress, and breathe.

Restorative Twist on Bolster



Step-by-step instructions to do it:

1. Sit beside a stack of folded blankets.
2. Place a folded blanket or a pillow between your knees.
3. Turn your chest towards the floor and lay your chest down on the blankets.
4. Bend both arms at 90 degrees, letting them stay on the mat on either side of the blankets.
5. Shut your eyes. Breathe.
6. Turn your head and repeat if it’s comfortable to do so.

  • Turn your chest to face the blanket before laying down.
  • Keep both shoulders on the blanket.



  • Let your shoulders come off the blanket.
  • Don’t stack the feet; lay one foot in front of the other.


Supta Baddha Konasana


Step-by-step instructions to do it:

1. Laying on your back with the bottoms of your feet touching, place a folded blanket or a couple of pillows under each leg.
2. The blankets should be holding your legs up high enough that you don’t feel a deep stretch in your inner thighs.
3. Put your hands on your belly.
4. Shut your eyes and breathe.

  • Relax your legs into the blanket.
  • Lengthen the neck.



  • Hold your legs up.


Legs Up The Wall



Step-by-step instructions to do it:

1. Laying on your side with your legs straightened out in front of you, slide towards the wall, placing your butt against it.
2. Turn onto your back and place your legs on the wall.
3. Breathe and enjoy.

  • Loop a belt or strap around your ankles if you aim to hold the position for longer.
  • Keep your back flat against the floor.
  • Keep your feet stacked over the hips.
  • Relax your feet.



  • Raise your hips.
  • Bend your knees.
  • Open your legs wider than hip width.


Do these 3 amazing yoga poses daily and see stress scuttle away from your body as well as mind.