Ab sonic is an awesome gadget that lets you to tone your middle even when you are not doing a work out. You can use it for a few hours throughout the day, while driving around or sitting at your desk, to get a good toning session.


You merely have to slap on the Ab sonic belt and allow their electrical stimulation systems do all the work for you. The Ab Sonic utilizes very mild electrical pulse to stimulate the nerves, to bring on muscle contraction. This process is known as Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS). Athletes and body builders have been using this well known technique, since decades to help stimulate muscle growth, reduce muscle recovery time between exercise sessions and relax sore muscles. In order to achieve better results, team up usage of Ab Sonic Fitness Belt with a healthy lifestyle and diet to attain a firmer and sexier body.


The Absonic is pretty easy to use! You simply have to apply the included application gel or any water-based gel to the fitness belt, adjust the belt and turn it on. It has a sleek, lightweight design which makes it portable and discreet. It can be worn easily under clothing – just wear it and forget it, for no one will ever know you have it on.

While walking your dog, washing the dishes, reading a book or watching TV, you can wear the Absonic, at anytime and anywhere. It carries 2 adjustable belts so you can use it on everything from your arms to your midsection.

Wearing the Absonic for 10 minutes a day means you get a workout equivalent to 100 sit ups.

AbsonicBelt3However, individuals with pacemakers need to take advice of their physician prior to using this or similar devices. Anyways, it is an awesome thing to wear to sculpt and tone various parts of body, without the need to do strenuous exercise.