8 Healthy And Delicious Take-To-Work SnacksHere are some really healthy and delicious take-to-work snacks for you.  It’s easy to prepare them at home and enjoy them at workplace.

 1: Strawberries with spice
Strawberries with spiceAt home, get fresh strawberries and slice them up to stop place them in a clean plastic container. Carefully spread 1 tablespoon cream cheese all over the crispbread and then sprinkle it with nutmeg, vanilla salt or cinnamon. Wrap it softly in a plastic wrap and then pack the snack in a container. Whenever you feel like having it, layer the juicy strawberries over your crispbread.

2: Chipotle and pineapple

Chipotle and pineappleFor those of you who laughed to have pineapples in snacks, here is what you want. At home, use the canned slices of pineapple in juice or slice the fresh pineapple and take ¼ cup of cottage cheese. Sprinkling them both with a little amount of chipotle, place the pineapple and cottage cheese in a clean container. Make sure you pack up the crispbread separately. If you assemble all these, it will make a little mess.

3: Goat cheese and dates

Goat cheese and datesFor those who are looking for something sugary and energetic, this is the perfect snack for you. Cut up the required amount of goat cheese and makes up a few chopped dates. Add some sliced almonds as well. Keep the cheese separate with the help of some plastic baggy. Pack your favorite crispbread and you are ready to go. Smear the delicious goat cheese carefully on to the crispbread, and place almonds and dates on top. You are all set to enjoy it.

4: Apples, honey and nut butter

pples, honey and nut butterHave a whole nice apple in your hand bag or office bag. Smear almond, peanut, cashew or whatever butter you like on to the crispbread. Drape some small plastic sheet wrap over the nut butter to avoid it getting smeared all over. When you feel like having this delicious and rich snack, just thinly slice the apple, smearing it with cinnamon and honey which you might get at work. If you are not fond of apples, you can have a banana instead.

5: Mozzarella and avocado

Mozzarella and avocadoSlice fresh mozzarella and then wrap it in a clean plastic wrap. Have some whole avocado packed as well as crispbread. At work, when you feel like having it, slice the avocado. Now top your crispbread delicately with mozzarella, adding the sliced avocado and drizzling with some olive oil. You can also season this mouthwatering snack with pepper and kosher salt.

6: Cucumber, carrot and hummus

Cucumber, carrot and hummusBefore work, you have to use some veritable peeler for this snack. You would need the peeler to cut out long strands with the cucumber and carrot, packing them both in some plastic baggy. Keep the crispbread packed and also a container or pack of hummus. When it’s time to enjoy the snack, spread the hummus on your crispbread laying down those cukes and carrots.

7: Salad with egg

Salad with eggFor this special snack, you need to have the whites of 2 hard-boiled eggs. Chop the whites up and place them in a small bowl. Now add to it 1 tablespoon of Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard and chopped fresh dill each. Add a measured pinch of ground pepper and salt. You have to stir it all for a perfect mixture. Put egg white salad in a separate container and place the crispbread separately. You have to spoon over the crispbread at your lunchtime.

8: Feta and tomatoes

Feta and tomatoesCut up some fresh to matters placing them in a container and covering them with a plastic wrap. Crumble some of the feta making a pile in the container. Sprinkle with Italian herbs or dried oregano. Of course, you need to pack the crispbread in a separate container. When the time comes for you to satiate yourself, top the crispbread with herbs and feta, tomato, and drizzle it all with ground pepper and olive oil.