1The benefit of Vitamin C has been ignored so far by conventional medicine for many decades but it has been proven that Vitamin C has the power of curing about 30 major diseases out of which many are chronic diseases. Dr. Fredrick R. Klenner had discovered the actual power of vitamin C and during 1940s, he used Vitamin C to cure polio cases. He experimented with the use of Vitamin C kills 60 cases and was successful in all of them without having the polio vaccine. Dr. Klenner’s findings were presented at a medical conference stating how he used high doses of Vitamin C therapy but his findings were ignored.

2 The big pharmaceutical companies have got hold over most of the doctors and making them believe and advise that antibiotics are the best choice for curing different diseases. As a result in most of the cases, doctors prescribe antibiotics to their patients.  Dr. Klenner was the one of the first doctors who cured diseases using Vitamin C. He was successful in eliminating chicken pox, polio, mumps, tetanus, and measles using huge doses of Vitamin C. He did all these when no vaccine for these diseases existed. He was able to cure some other diseases using high doses of Vitamin C. These diseases were pneumonia, encephalitis, herpes zoster, herpes simplex, it istitis, pancreatitis, bladder infections, alcoholism, arthritis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever , high cholesterol, diabetes, glaucoma leukemia etc. He published his works but they were ignored.

3According to Dr. Fredrick Klenner, most of the physicians never thought Vitamin C being anything more than that of one of the vitamins than using the healing power of Vitamin C. It is the best natural antibiotic, antitoxin, antihistamine and antiviral in the world as stated by Dr. Klenner.  According to Ronald Hunninghake, M.D., high doses of vitamin C could be the best natural way to manage the crisis of health related problem though conventional medical practitioners would never think in this respect. According to Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, certified cardiologist, our body can function best with high levels of Vitamin C in blood and this gets synthesized by the liver as and when needed.

4 The only ray of hope is that more and more physicians are getting convinced about the importance of large doses of Vitamin C in curing different diseases. To get convinced about safety and effectiveness of Vitamin C therapy, it is important to know about the works of several experts working with Vitamin C e.g Abram Hoffer, Robert Cathcart, Dr. Irwin Stone etc.