Clue: It’s all about the small victories.

Your kids today remind you to say “please” and “thank you.”

You cuddle your kids endlessly, even when they try to wriggle away.

A week back, your 5-year-old ate veggies. At a restaurant. Without creating a scene.

Your kids have stuck fingers but as yet no objects up their nose.

You at one time walked in on your daughter making her bed and observed as she painstakingly fluffed the pillows and smoothed the sheets.

At this very moment, all your family members are wearing pants.

Your son’s in a ketchup-on-everything phase, and you’re supporting him through out. You do you, kid.

You play along with your kids about the tooth fairy, despite you knowing they’re merely pretending in order to get the cash.

Your kids have heard the words “I love you” at most one time today—and perhaps more times than you can count.

When you step on a Lego with bare feet at 2 a.m., you just quietly curse them…in that screaming would wake them up.

Your 9-month-old claps and sways to the tune of Abbey Road.

You at all times manage to pack your kids lunch—notwithstanding you have to literally throw it at them as they run out the door.

Your daughter still just wants you to put her to bed, and you’re sure, it’s not some evil plot by your husband.