Bernardo LaPallo is an extraordinary man – he is 113 years old and in good health. From Mesa, Arizona he claims that he has never been sick a day in his life. He avoids red meat and eats mostly organic food and vegetables. His secret recipe he says was inherited from his father who was a doctor and a much disciplined man.

Watch the video that was made when he was 110, below to learn about 5 secret foods for long life.


Here are the five foods that promote a long life:


Garlic is rich with antiseptic and antibacterial properties; it has been used as a medicinal herb and works effectively without any side effects.


Honey, is a natural sweetener; the 110-year-old legend recommends using it as sweetener to get wonderful health benefits.


Cinnamon the food enhancer have been used traditionally as medicine throughout the world; it helps lower blood cholesterol and prevents onset of diabetes.


Chocolate is dubbed as: ”the food of Gods”. According to LaPallo it’s a vital ingredient in having a long life.

Olive oil

It’s a very inexpensive product that can be bought easily in groceries. Have it daily in your diet and feel the difference.